Whimmedia Advantages



Our innovative targeted approach means Whimmedia is the fastest response media monitoring system currently available, and is ideal for time-critical monitoring operations.

Whimmedia's high frequency scanning engine analyses articles in fractions of a second, and delivers you headlines within moments of publishing. Scanning rates can also be individually adjusted by the user, ensuring optimal response times.

Whimmedia’s multilingual capability is also invaluable for time- critical monitoring. Why wait for the latest foreign headlines to filter through to English media, when Whimmedia can target and instantly translate headlines directly from the source?


Existing media monitoring software casts a very large drag net across vast numbers of sources, retrieving many keyword results but with many false positive hits. It is slow and inefficient, and sorting the relevant from the irrelevant is left as a time consuming and expensive exercise for the user.

Whimmedia avoids the drag net approach and opts instead for spear fishing in smaller oceans.

Whether you select from existing sets of sources, or build your own, Whimmedia targets only the sources you want. By focusing only on sources of interest to you, Whimmedia returns articles with greater relevancy, immediacy and frequency.

Whimmedia's versatile filtering engine lets you filter sources by simple keywords or build advanced filters of patterns and regular expression, and join them using AND OR and NOT logical operators.

The built in Filter Test Lab lets you test your filters against real site data, ensuring your filters capture exactly the content you expect them to.

Unlike competitors, our adaptive parsing engine isolates and scans only the article content. False positives are eliminated when ads and other non-relevant content is stripped from the page before filtering occurs.


Whimmedia is designed so your media can be accessed when and where you need it. Alerts can be sent by email and SMS, and our support for RSS feeds means your media can be delivered direct to your desktop or mobile device when you are on the move.

Whimmedia can accurately monitor and retrieve content from any site in any format. Blogs, Twitter accounts and other social media sites can all be monitored. Unlike other electronic media monitoring systems, Whimmedia is not limited to only monitoring pages having RSS feeds or well formed XML.

Whimmedia can translate and filter articles in 20 languages. Plugin language support means users can harness their preferred machine translation system, such as Google Translate or Toggletext's Kataku. It also means that more accurate translation systems can be swapped in as they become available.

Unlike other media monitoring systems, Whimmedia offers users unprecedented control over their media. Through the Whimmedia Control Panel, users are able to add and remove sources and adjust individual source scanning rates. Users can also adjust filter keywords and patterns, maintain alert lists, and monitor statistics on media penetration.
We also offer a managed solution for clients not requiring this level of control.

The Whimmedia Media Portal maintains an archive of all media matched by filters, and offers advanced searching across these archives. This provides instant historical views of media articles relating to the search terms, which can then be used for media analysis. Articles in the media portal can also be modified, removed or assigned classifiers by users with vetting rights. Articles can also be selected for export to external programs in a range of formats, including XML, Excel and CSV formats.

Whimmedia also supports article caching, ensuring archived articles remain available long after the original source is not.

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