Introducing Whimmedia

Welcome to Whimmedia

Whimmedia is a high-speed, high-volume, multilingual media monitoring service developed by Whim IT. It monitors and delivers targeted electronic media direct to you, 24 hours a day.

Whimmedia uses keywords and patterns to identify and translate web pages relevant to you, the moment they appear.

Whimmedia can monitor a wide range of sites, including news sites and social media sites like blogs, facebook and twitter.

We believe Whimmedia's speed, accuracy and flexibility make it the best value media monitoring system on the market.

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Key Features

• Filter by keywords and patterns • Foreign language translation (20 languages)
• Efficient targeted monitoring • Intuitive interface with comprehensive help & support
• Support for mobile devices • High frequency scanning engine (supports up to 1 second scanning intervals)
• Supports social media monitoring • High precision targeting (no false positives)
• Live RSS/XML feeds • Searchable, exportable media archives
• Alerts sent via email and SMS • Rapid response to changing media
• Available online, or as local installation • Statistics for measuring success
• Users retain media control • Plugin support for existing translation software
• Article caching • Media portal for viewing & vetting articles
• Unicode (UCS 2/4) support All your sites, all the time

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